IT’S A WRAP! 2017 will be the number that we all need to write often in official documents for the next 365 days of so. This new year, I decided to celebrate it in my hometown in Sumatra with my family. Instead of staying at home, I went for the celebration in a rooftop restaurant with my sister and her fiance. The Sirroco restaurant & Bistro is located at the…

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Personal Growth

Christmas 2016 at Home in Sumatra

Christmas, home, family, classy. I have been home for almost three weeks now. By home I mean Sumatra, the place where I was born and where my family lives. Its been great here. I have been spending a lot of my time eating delicious Indonesian foods (the best part of it), reunion with old friends, playing around with my dogs, doing spa, saloon and skin care (because its so expensive…

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Australia And Oceania

Out in Canberra September 2016

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  • September 27, 2016

It has been 6 days since I returned back to Canberra from my trip to London-Istanbul-Singapore. I just realised I like bringing my camera every where these days. Probably because I get used to carry it all over when I was traveling, still I have the habit. Its a good thing to collect all the memories through photographs.  …

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Personal Growth

Quarter of 2016, Laud and Dreams

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Quarter of 2016 so far: Start my New Year in Medellin, Colombia Went to USA, reunited with my good friend in San Fransisco (and decided that I have to get a job there) Went to Hawaii for a conference and meet lovely people Do part time job which I enjoy (because I learn things) Moved from my comfort zone to a new place far from uni Bought a car and…

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South America

7 Weeks of Living in Medellin, Colombia

Parque Tayrona, Santa Marta

It was totally a conscious decision when I decided to travel to Colombia. I was in my cramped student accommodation room, getting bored of doing assignments when I made my mind that I should travel to South America, just because it was the only continent I have not been to apart from Africa. So then I googled the best cities in South America and among the popular ones was Medellin.…

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