Living in Bali for 6 Months!


It has been 6 months of me living in Bali! Time flies. Here is some highlight of my half a year living in Bali!

1. Work

I do enjoy my work, it is in line with my passion for development. There is room for improvement. The working environment is very friendly.  People are helpful. I travel often for work too. Also, I keep myself busy with my side projects: write a book, organize youth camp and mini property business.

 2, Language

When I used to live in Australia, I speak English most of the time. Most of my friends are non-Indonesia, and my courses were delivered in English. I barely speak Indonesia. Returning to Indonesia, I switch speaking English and Indonesia all the time. The good thing is Bali is a very international setting and my working place is somewhat international. Thus, switching language is unavoidable

3. Friends

I make some new friends here, whom I enjoy hanging out a lot. The first few months, I partied a lot with my new friends! Now that I have got the hang of Bali, I am ok to chill at my room on Saturday night. I still go to party sometimes, but I prefer to chill on the beach, watch the sunset, dine out and drink in some random bars or go explore more of Bali (its never ending!)

4. Food

It is not something I am proud of, but the truth is I have not cooked any single dish since back to Indonesia. Bali is a melting point and it has all sort of dish you could imagine: western, eastern, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Indonesian, Balinese. On top of that, it is fairly cheap (esp compare to Australian price). As a foodie, I could not resist to not eat outside every day! 😉

5. Self-improvement

I pick up some hobbies and a positive daily routine. I play the ukulele now, meditate and practise yoga regularly. I go to the gym 3 times in a week. Listen to the podcast and read books more frequent. And I have a new profound love for aromatherapy which happens to be good for my mental wellbeing.

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