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I Choose To Be Strong

I have been dealing with my anxiety for the past few years. I think the first time I notice the symptom was in 2011 when everything about life was uncertain. However, it became more obvious in 2013 when I was diagnosed with a non-life treating illness that postponed my graduate study for 6 months. The past three years I spent in Australia, I realise it was an anxiety all these time that I am having.

Having moved to Bali and recently broken up (again), I thought everything was just ok until my short romance collapsed and I started having panic attact during our stressful conversation. It was not even too stressful. I was just worried too much.

But you know what, I would not let my anxiety paralyses me! I will stay strong.  I will keep my performance up for my work, contribute to the society and try my best to inspire other people.

I have some strategy to cope with this that I will practise and go through. I will be fine. I choose to be strong!


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