On Living in Bali

If you wonder how does it feel to live in Bali? I love it! I really do. After living in a country capital of Australia, Canberra, for the pass three years, I am so happy that I settle in Bali. I did not think it would be this good as I thought that I would experience a lot of reverse culture shock. Conversely,  I am enjoying it a lot! I love the blend of Western and Easter values in Bali.

Here is a few best things about living in Bali:

  1. Food, food, food… and food!

You can find any sort of food here. Traditional warung, street food, fancy Indonesian restarutant to 5 star Western style of dining.

  1. Party places

Starting from low budget backpacker styles to a fancy rooftop garden with hi level of security not to mention a lot of options of pool bars next to the beach

  1. Nature

Beach, mountain, lake, everything you want! You are literally very close to it.

  1. People

People are super friendly, honest, nice and content. People practise Hinduism in Bali as you might know already. Its just balance philosophy between nature, people and the universe.

  1. Art

Beautiful artsy streets, crafty gates, sculptures, nicely decorated restaurants and café, full of colours and creative design.

  1. Social

A lot of tourist who travel alone or Indonesian who move to Bali for work. Its just a melting point and its easy to make friends with

 In short, I am enjoying my life in Bali a lot. I think its suitable for my life style. The plus side is I also enjoy my work and people at my work a lot.

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