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Leaving Australia for Good after 3 Years

am back to Sumatra now, leaving Australia for good after a solid 3 years experience and with my double masters in hand. It’s been a roller coaster living in Australia and I am glad I made my way out alive. There is a lot of mixed feeling on getting back to live in Indonesia.

First, happy

I am home early for my sister’s wedding with the love of her life after just dating for less than a year. At the age of 23 she is still considered young to get married (even for an Indonesian).

I am excited for her new chapter in life and I am sure she will have an amazing life journey with her partner.

Another reason why I am happy is because I can eat delicious Indonesian food with cheap price anytime I want and that I could meet my parents and my family often.

Second, sorrow

While my sister is getting married, I am still repenting my failed relationship with my ex bf.

After being a good friend for more than year, we decided to be together almost at the same timing when my sister met her future husband.

A relationship that I though could lead into something more meaningful just vanishes in vain. My ex was supposed to come to Sumatra with me for my sister’s wedding, but instead he dropped me to Sydney airport and waving goodbye just before I entered the immigration control.

I can’t believe I am listening to this Tove Lo’s song again (last time was when I broke up with my previous bf before this)

Third, excited

I am excited for a new role that I am taking in an NGO based in Bali.

I will move to Bali by the end of July after doing a 3 weeks of Europe trip.

I am excited on my new chapter of life, people I will encounter and what the Universe has designed for my future.

Fourth, relieve

I have this love and hate relationship with Canberra (in fact more the hate side than love). I am sorry Canberra’s residence but really that just doesn’t fit me right.  Although I was born and grew up in a small town myself (with only 40.000 population) but I am a big city person in heart. I love people, I love trying new food and new restaurants/bars/cafes, I love exploring the sneaky small alleys just to find a new hidden bar exists there, I just love cites! The only reason that keeps me going in Canberra was my university, The Australian National University, which is the best for studying policy as well as my good friends (who almost all have already moved to other cities or other countries). I guess Melbourne or Sydney would have fit me better.

Its not the end. I am pretty sure I will be back to Australia. I have that feeling.

Thank you so much for every party who invested in me for my skills and knowledge enhancement and for believing in me, my dreams and my capacity.

But for now on, let me focus my time and energy to contribute to my people and my beloved country.



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