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Christmas 2016 at Home in Sumatra

Christmas, home, family, classy. I have been home for almost three weeks now. By home I mean Sumatra, the place where I was born and where my family lives. Its been great here. I have been spending a lot of my time eating delicious Indonesian foods (the best part of it), reunion with old friends, playing around with my dogs, doing spa, saloon and skin care (because its so expensive in Australia to pamper myself) and working from distance. I decided to be home for my sista’s engagement and spend xmas with family as for the past two years I spent it somewhere in a far away land (Nepal and Colombia)

2016 has been good! I did not achieve much this year but I would say I am happier this year. One definitions of happiness is the ability to overcome storms in life. I managed to put together pieces of me from last year despairs. I also feel more content this year. A great part of it is my relationship with my good friend. I have been dating my good friend since May this year. I am a person who is driven by achievement. I always crave for the feeling of satisfaction every time I reach my goals. However, being with someone who is simple like him has transformed me into a better person. I become a more grateful person and less ambitious person. I also focus more on for what is in front of me instead of chasing the never-ending dreams. Although I still think a good balance of it is important: be ambitious and contentment. I am still working on it.

I also grew up as a person this year. I realise what matters for me more and what are not. I tried different things. It helps me to reshape my goals in life and understand myself better.  As a travel addict, I move to different places every time I could.  People said I am trying to avoid something. But it is not true. I just like to discover. However, after I returned from my globe-trotting trip early this year (where I traveled to five continents), I decided to slow down my path. And I did. It was a good decision as I could focus more on my long-term career goal and spending time with my love ones.

Coming up in the next post, more details on 2016 reflection.

Daniel and I in Hyams Beach, NSW, Australia November 2016

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