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These are things that keep me busy these days apart from being a full time student and a part time Indonesian language teacher (plus other occasional works).

  1. Traveling

As If I can’t be more clear about it. I have been to 30 countries and counting. This still sit on the top of list of my favourite things

  1. Cook

I am not too good (or not at all good) at it but I like trying out different dished.

  1. Yoga

I need it for my mental and physical wellbeing.  Plus who does not like being flexible 😛

  1. Shopping

Buying new shoes and dresses, clothes, bags, and jewelleries. The feeling of wearing a new outfit that suit me is tremendous.

  1. Books

I bought a kindle when I travelled to SF last February and could not be happier to read books in a handy device.

  1. Gym

Again, I really need a good doze of endorphins to makes me happy. Plus I need to keep my shape good always

  1. Socialize

I have been hanging out with my bf to many social events.  As much as we like going out, we both also organise social events frequent, so yeah its good to be together with fellow social butterfly.

  1. Photograph

I just recently purchased a new camera (Sony Alpha 5100), a new toy that I enjoy playing with. I have recorded some videos and pictures that I will try to publish on my Youtube channel and Instagram account.

  1. Writing

On my blog if I do have time and on my private journal (especially when I am upset).

  1. Podcast

Weird hey? But I just recently discover my new addiction, listening to podcast channels.

Canberra, 07 September 2017



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