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The Old Man Wise Words

Some wisdom thoughts from The Old Man (which the Universe planed for me to meet):

1. Most great leaders read relentlessly throughout of their life before they came out with great thoughts.

2. Religion exists to help you throughout your difficult times not only throughout your glorious time. Even atheist has a religion. Their religion is wisdom from words that they trust.

3. It is important to balance between positive and negative thought (but personally I tend to choose to trust my positive thoughts as I am a strong believer of ‘the law of attraction’)

4. Communist, Maoist and Lenin teach about live in simplicity and avoid greedy attitude.

5. Traveling open your perspective that the world is not as small as what you think. In fact, it is incredibly vast!

6. There are many things you need to learn in your life. Never stop learning (a.k.a stay hungry, stay foolish)

7. The glorious time made by your grandfather or great grandfather is just a history of them. You should make your own history instead of hiding behind their shadows.

Ps. I met this old man during a Nepali festival by coincident. He is a father of my new friend’s friend. He happened to study in USSR (now Russia) and befriended with Indonesian students while living for 6 year there. My encountered with him in his house resembled him a lot of the memories 44 years ago. He told me stories of how his Indonesian folks (just like me) really love to eat small super hot chilly (called cabe rabit in Indonesian). He narrated stories very vividly of how one of his Indonesia friends had to be hospitalized for a year after eating that spicy chilly along with vodka as if it happened just yesterday.

The afternoon, the sunny day, the foods, the hot milk tea, the companion, the warmth feeling, as if I was in another world. If only I could freeze the time. But good thing has to end, just like bad thing. Well, that’s life.



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