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7 Weeks of Living in Medellin, Colombia

Parque Tayrona, Santa Marta

It was totally a conscious decision when I decided to travel to Colombia. I was in my cramped student accommodation room, getting bored of doing assignments when I made my mind that I should travel to South America, just because it was the only continent I have not been to apart from Africa. So then I googled the best cities in South America and among the popular ones was Medellin. And the more I read blogs about Medellin, the more I am curios about the city.

“Medellin, the second largest city of Colombia, used to be the murder capital of the world but now turns into the model city by UN Habitat. In just two decades, The city has successfully transformed a massive unplanned urban growth and informal settlements that were completely neglected by the state into a medical and business centre city with new public buildings and squares, and efficient metro and cable car system”

So then I decided to go to Medellin and here I am in this city and has been more than 7 weeks now. So what do I do here, this pretty much sum my activities:

  1. Working
    I did a volunteer work through AIESEC, which is a student based organisation that provides young people with leadership development and cross-cultural global internship across the globe. Under AIESEC Global Community Development Programme (GCDP), I participated Lets Do It Project with a bunch of youngsters from across Latin America, Mexican, Peruvian, Brazilian and Panama. What we did was to raise awareness of various environmental issues in the city by street campaign social media campaign, plant trees, teach children and give recommendation to the government. Under this project, we visited zoos, visited parks, and talked to the government officials how they improve the city.

  2. Party
    Yes that is correct, I party more than ever here in Medellin. I mean I am in Latin America, party is one of the important parts of their culture. So it is of no surprise that I get dragged to party almost every single night. The good thing is I love party too, so its a perfect match. The main party area here is called Publado, a really touristy place but it has tons of places for dancing, drinking or even just chill. It is a great nightlife here in Medellin that I never really feel bored as there is always something new. It is not always that I party outside, many people in my project do house party and they always welcome dozens of people including other AIESEC projects in Medellin.

    Muse Le Aqua area, but heading to a party soon!!
  3. Co-Working Space
    I also have things I need to do back in Australia and Indonesia so after the project finish, I ended up be in the co-working space to do my assignments and paper and presentation and so on. Named Cafe Ondas,  the co-working space  is located only 5 minutes walking from the place where I live now (La America, Carrera 80). It is owned by an young Australian man. I met a bunch of global nomads in the place who open my perspective on non mainstream 9-5 work. Also, the place is so cozy. It feels so homy. The owner knows how to put random things together and turn it into a creative space for work.
  4. Socialising
    Yes that is correct, I am a social butterfly. I like to interact with people, making conversation about random things. I am not a text person but if you meet me in person, you will realise immediately how bubbly I am. So here in Colombia, a Colombian friend that I met in Indonesia introduced me to her friends and so on and another Colombian friend that I met in Australia also did the same and so on and so on, not to mention those that I met through internet. So almost every day I met a new people. It is fun because I am bubbly and curious on other people’s opinion at the same time.

    One of my fav spot in the city, rooftop of Charlie Hotel
  5. Travel
    There are literally so many places in Medellin that worth visiting. Many of the museums are free to enter, the parks are amazingly beautiful, food are yummy and cheap and it is convenient and very affordable to travel around by taxi.  Also, there are so many tourist attraction and beautiful places that could be visited across the country. So there is no reason not to travel around while in Medellin or Colombia. Outside Medellin, I myself went to Santa Fe, Guatape, Bogota and Santa Marta only. But it is enough to agree that the country is so beautiful and amusing with its beautiful landscape and friendly people.
It is totally worth the stay being here in Medellin, beautiful city, beautiful people, unique culture and tasty foods. Too bad I will need to wave good bye in a week or so.
I will definitely miss this lovely city.

Ps. Just in case you are curious, no I did not advance my Spanish, but yeah I think a bit process with my dancing skill 😉



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