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How to Survive in A Country Where You Don’t Speak the Language (and They Don’t Speak Your Language Either)

      I was on a field trip a week ago to places faaar away from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. So I went to Bhairahawa (Siddharthanagar District) and Buwtol (Rupandehi District) to check the implementation of community forest. I had to take a bus for 8 hours journey by myself, slept in a (kinda) creepy hotel, travel to the border of Nepal and India and went back to Kathmandu using an overnight 12 hours long bus safe and sound all by myself. Even my colleagues who are Nepali impress that I could do a one week trip to places I am not familiar with (include visiting Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha) by myself when I don’t even speak the language and don’t know anyone there. So here are the tips on how I survive:

  1. Smile
    Smile is a universal language. When you smile, people will notice that you open a chance for friendship through your friendly gesture.
  2. Learn Basic LanguageYou don’t speak their language but it does not mean you should ignore the language. Learn how to speak basic words such as sleep, eat, directions. It will ease your life a lot, trust me!
  3. Trust your Intuition Need more explanation? I mean, your intuition will always be right (at least from my experience)
  4. EyesI always believe that eyes are the windows of heart. You can always tell if a person has bad or good intention through their heart.
  5. Google MapsWell, I am not a tech savvy nor that I depend on tech a lot. Yet when I am totally lost in the middle of nowhere, I really need this app to make sure that I am still on earth.
Few steps forward, I would have been in India already



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