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Simple Things I Learn in 2014

2015 is ahead, so its time to do a bit reflection. Its been full of ups and downs the whole year of 2014, but I want to wrap up this year with reflection of what I learn this year. Because life is always about learning anyway 😉

  1. To work hard

To be frank, I start the year of 2014 with a quite unpleasant situation. I was diagnosed with a disease, which made me have to postpone my study in Australia. At that time, I already quit my job and had no back up plan. Fortunately, people who interviewed me for a job 2 years back called me again to work in the institution (an international development consultant), as they were impressed by me. Long short story I left my hometown in Sumatra on 1st January and started another full time job by 2ndJanuary.  Things happen and I took another part time jobs as a researcher with two most reputable universities in Indonesia, my ammeter, University of Indonesia and Gadjah Mada University. At the same time, the grant for my project (Youth Ecopreneurship Camp) was approved by East West Center, University of Hawaii so that in the midst of full time job, part time jobs, I need to act as the leader for the project I propose. Things were so hectic that I was afraid my health condition could get worse (Thank God it was not).

Launching of my project, Yep Camp with my full team (April 2014)
  1. To not to work too hard

I was so occupied early this year that I had no fun in my life. One day during my sleepless night, I had a thought in my mind ‘Is this what I really want? I got career and money ahead, but I don’t think I am happy. I am still 25, I should have more fun!’. In mid of May after implementing my project, submitting reports for my jobs, and finished contract of my full time job, I throw everything up and I decided to travel to Europe and paid my travel expense from the money I collected since the beginning of 2014. Most of the trips were free because I was in Europe to attend two student International Week events in Vienna and Sofia, representing my previous organization (Indonesian Student Association for International Studies). It was one of the best decisions I made. Yeah I did crazy things, a lot (which I should not put here but you can just guess)! I had a lot of fun. Fun, which I could only explore in m 20ish. I met a lot of interesting people who inspire me a lot and broaden my perspective.

  1. Be more fashionable

During my traveling trip to Europe, I saw people are so fashionable. My hosts were always able to mix and match dresses nicely. They could also do magnificent things to their already looking good face with make up. Make up is like a magic artful tool. I realize that when you are able to dress up and make up nicely and properly in the right moment people will notice you and give you more attention. So then I start developing interest on fashion and make-up, exploring my feminism side. Because by the end of the day I am just a normal woman who likes to have my opposite gender appreciate my appearance.

  1. Learn how to cook

Back in Indonesia, I used to just buy food outside as it cheap and quick. Plus I don’t have time to cook, as I was extremely busy. However, during my trip to Europe I realize that most of fellow youngsters of my age could cook WELL! Yes, cook very good dishes! Whenever I pay a visit to my friends’ (and crushes) house, they are always able to serve me with good foods. In exchange, I could only cook plain tasted ‘nasi goreng’ to them which is the basic cooking knowledge for every Indonesian. Then, when I moved to Canberra to continue my graduate study in the middle this year, I realize that I don’t equip myself with this basic survival skill and I would not be able to afford myself eating outside as eating in any restaurant in Australia is freaking expensive. So then I start learn how to cook from my housemates, my friends and from Youtube. Moreover, when I went to Vietnam for a volunteer program in November 2014, my indulgence toward cooking was developed well because my fellow volunteers appreciate my dishes. So far I could only cook seafood well because I kinda pescetariasm, but I keen to learn cooking other type of dishes.

Cooking with my Cambodian fellow volunteer in Vietnam (Nov 2014)
  1. Practise meditation

I have a sleeping problem and I overthink sometimes. Writing and yoga are my two main remedies. However, during my trip in Nepal I figured out that meditation could also be an effective way to have a balance physical and mental health. As I am now based in Kathmandu, I am trying to seize the opportunity to learn more about meditation. It also seems like the universe conspired to help me out finding inner happiness.


Cities I lived 2014:

  • Depok/Jakarta (Indonesia)
  • Canberra (Australia)
  • Hue (Vietnam)
  • Kathmandu (Nepal)


Cities I visited 2014:

  • Jogjakarta (Indonesia)
  • Sabang, Aceh (Indonesia)
  • Vienna (Austria)
  • Budapest (Hungaria)
  • Bucharest (Romania)
  • Sofia (Bulgaria)
  • Sydney (Australia)



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