My 8 Days Precis on Nepal Odyssey

1. Serendipity 

The past few days, my roommate and me have been practising meditation every morning. Meditation was not my plan to go to Nepal, but I ended up meeting people who taught me about mediation on the plane. Now I am having a roomie who practises meditation every morning and who happens to enjoy my companion doing mediation with her. I always thought there is another way of reducing my tense level of stress and anxiety other than yoga and writing, which I practise regularly. Doing meditation in the morning appears to be an effective remedy for my mental balance. 

2. Pious

Last Sunday morning, my roommate out of the blue asked me if I would like to go to church. I was a bit surprise. Frankly, I hardly go to church when in Canberra, not only because I am moody but also because no one asks me to go to church with. In Nepal where most people are Hindus, someone just asked me to go to church. On top of that, the one who asked me was my roommate, a devoted Hindu who has never been to church her whole life. I nodded to her suggestion and we finally went to (coincidentally) a protestant church whose service I am familiar with. I met interesting people there, including a local people who have several Indonesian acquainted who are currently living in Nepal and married with Nepali. Its been a long time I have not been to church and I feel so peaceful listening to the gospel of Lord.

The church is hailing for Chirstmas! ;)
The church is hailing for Chirstmas! 😉

3. Sincerity 

Landlord was genuine when trying to teach me to speak Nepali. My supervisor was genuine when teaching me new software. My housemates were genuine when accompanying me shopping. My roommates were genuine when accompanying me out to see places, talk sh*t about love and learn trivial stuff about Nepal. Even people on the street was genuine when I asked them the way. How do I know if it’s genuine? Through the most basic way of understanding human’s mind, the eyes. In Nepal, people do good things to you not because they are expecting immediate benefit return but because they just enjoy doing nice to others.

Ps. I love writing. Its not just a mere hobby, it is also therapy for my sleeping disorder problem. This piece comes from my seemingly unwary mind that think too much about random stuff on earth and my own future.

Good night world.

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