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On Back to Student Life

started to get busy with university life.

It is challenging to learn new things everyday.

So I guess people are right when they said that university is the best time in life.

Because I begin to realize what it means of “life is about learning” here.

I met people who slowly shift my interest from traveling to learning and getting new skills.

It does not necessarily mean that I exclude traveling from my life, because when I travel I also learn many new things.

Yet there are skills that I could only learn when I am on the break of my traveling routine.

Life is about learning so job should be the main medium for learning because you spend a great time of your life at work.

Money is a plus. Passion goes first.

I know right? In the modern society where material praises the most it is not easy to apply that.

But just go with what your heart say.

Don’t worry too much about future, because problem for today is enough for today.

Problem for tomorrow will have its own slice for the next day.

Keep on dreaming because it keeps you alive.

Even dreaming about getting new skills.

As Paolo Coelho said, the universe will conspire to make it happen.

Otherwise, you’ll just end up in the most suitable place for you.

I might go to Oxford or I might end up having a family in my late twenties, or both.

Who knows?

But as for now on, lets enjoy Canberra (plus some other countries during the break).



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