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Midnight Rumbling (Part II)

Just like a normal night (for me), I am still wide awake while the clock is ticking to almost 2 am.

So lets just write. Writing is a therapy for me somehow. Anyway I promise myself after my departure to Australia that I will write more. So lets write, even just a random stuff.

Human changes. It is part of the evolution. This is how we survive for thousands years on earth. At first I thought it is just my surrounding changes. But now I totally understand how I have already changed as well.

I have been living by my own since 17 and fully finance myself since 20 so I am pretty independent since younger age.

Consecutively, I am an avid traveler. I have the constant need to see new places. In fact, I also move to different places quite frequent for work or study. So practically, I get use to adapt with new environment and to meet new people. I make friends easy, but I don’t miss people that much once I left the community. In other word, less attachment. I have notice this since few years ago.

It is something which I see as a disadvantage rather than an advantage. Doing everything by my own, make friends with everyone, waving to everyone, start it over again in different places.

In one conversation during my wandering trip to Europe, I asked to someone,

“Do you think you’ll see me again?”

He did not answer.

In other place, in different country, still in Europe, someone said to me,

“I don’t think you’ll miss me, you met many people during your trip.” 

I did not answer.

Perhaps the reason why a person don’t respond to a particular question or statement is because they don’t quite sure. They just don’t have the rigid answer.

Perhaps you’ll enjoy this song as well, just like I do (don’t need to answer).



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