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A Counter to Soul Searching Impeachment

As usual, the classic reason why I have not update my blog for some time is because I have been busy. Busy traveling around the world (again) and busy moving to Australia (again).

2014 has been an amazing year so far. I started my second day of 2014 in a new full time job. Despite under a medical treatment, I took side job as a field researcher and later on was offered another research job from different institution with almost similar task. Apparently I accepted all the jobs. During one of my busiest month due to the jobs, the grant for a project which I proposed to US Department of State was approved. Thus I was officially having one full time job, two part time jobs and one social project at that time. I was literally super busy that even on Saturday and Sunday I had to work and chasing deadlines. I did not have social life, really!

One day during my sleepless night (not because working too hard but I just have sleeping disorder), I had a thought about my age and what I want to achieve in the world. Getting all the money, fame and recognition by many people is not everything I want. I can work on my computer day and night doing reports, research, and writing. But having a good career at this stage of age it is not things which make me happy. The world is big and I am still young. There are many things I can explore, I can experience, I can taste! As a youngster, my biggest asset is TIME! I don’t wanna loss the fun because I was just too busy chasing ambitions. I wanna be free and do stupid things. Not because I am stupid but because I deserve to get the most fun of my young age.

Having that thought in mind, I then decided to go to some student programs in Europe. Pay attention that I did not go on backpack to Europe. I brought suitcase indeed. And as you can guess I went party a lot, I drunk, I flirted, I kissed random guys, I danced in the rain at mid night and mention all silly things which I would never do back home. The truth is I am not always a good girl. And I don’t cover it. Of course I learned things during my trip to Europe. I learn to appreciate two basic daily stuffs which I often ignore: food and fashion! Voila, what a combination. Now I dress up better and start to experience some cooking receipts.

Few days after my 3 weeks trip in Europe, I then moved to Australia for study. Soul searching? I don’t think so. I know exactly what I want to do in my life and I know what kind of job that I want to work on for the rest of my life. Ultimately it leads to one thing: big contribution to Indonesian society. When I travel a lot and try many things does not mean that I am having disorientation. I just have that constant need of moving as well as constant need to learn new skills. It is just me. I just like it.

Anyway, I’ll continue this post later. I got a class soon. Ah.. it is really good to be a student again.

Cheers mate!


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