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Few months ago, when I first learn that I need to postpone my study in Australia, I became so stress. I could not think about anything else esc what am I gonna do in 6 months? I have resigned from my previous job and had my farewell held. I am not sure if anybody would be interested in hiring me for 6 months. I don’t have so many skills and experiences. Even if I got an offer, it would probably a job which I don’t really enjoy. Yet, it turns out the other way around.

After return back from my short travel to Vietnam, I went straight away to my hometown for a break. There, I applied for almost a hundred of open vacancy in NGOs or Development Consultants or Intergovernmental organizations. Out of my expectation, I received dozens of calls and emails for interviews in just few weeks. Then I returned back to Jakarta and started being so busy roaming around for interviews. In just a month, I got a temporary job which I am pretty much contended.

But yesterday, I received a call from one of the biggest consultant agencies based in US asking me for an interview. As far as I can remember I did not apply for a job in that specific institution. Plus I have settled with my current temporary job. Yet the woman from the other line said “we would like to offer you a job, we could not forget you, we were impressed by you.”

I then remember that I actually did apply for a job there. But it was one and half years ago. I remember that I finally got the job but I did not take it as I have already got a better offer.

It did not take long for me to decide that I will visit their office to talk more about the opportunities. During the interview, one of the panelists (he is a guy from States) said to me that he was struck by me during my interview with him last time. Although I applied for an administrative assistant, but it turned up that I am way smarter than just an administrative staff. Thus, he would like to offer a job which will be suitable for me (project officer on an environmental issue).

I truly feel flattered by his words. I remember one and half years back, I spoke to him about how I don’t think I am fit with my present job, how I hate that they did not respect my potentials, how I aspire to utilize my skill and knowledge in an institution which could see me beyond just a clerical staff. It turns up that he likes my idealism and my honesty. He spoke to me today that practically I could get jobs wherever I want.

Maybe I have started building my career here in Indonesia. People start knowing me for what I have been doing on policy, development and environmental sectors. That is why it is not too hard for me anymore to find a job. I have decided the work path that I want to follow and make it aligned with my passion. Yet, I am still far from giving a significantly contribution to the society. I am still learning.

I feel great that soon enough I will start my future study in a field which I passion the most (which is also in line with my background of career), environment and development. I have no doubt that I will acquire skills and knowledge which could support my career. Having required skills and knowledge would enable me to contribute extensively to my nation and my people.

There is always a reason for everything. And I could slightly peek now the reason why I need to postpone my study. To understand more about my capacity and to see my bargaining position in this so called career world.



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