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Working on a Project: Having My Own First Property

In my personal opinion, owning your own property is an integral part for being an independent young and grown up person. And I am all on it!

Just like most everything in life happens by coincidence, this as well.

About one and half year ago I visited my former university, Universitas Indonesia, in Depok to get the copy of my certificate because at that time I wanted to apply several scholarships (which I eventually got btw).

When I was about to eat in one my favorite restaurants in Depok, I walked through the construction of a new apartment.

I was crazy about financial management that time. So it just came in my mind when I saw the construction that I wanted to invest in that property too.

Without even notice it, my feet brought me to the marketing office of the apartment. Two days later I paid the down payment.

Time goes by. With the blessing of God (and my parents), I finally paid off the apartment under my own name. Repeat: my own name. My very own property, hell yeah!

The apartment finished few months ago and I got the key exactly a month ago. Little that I know that there is still a LOT to do before I could live there decently.

Here is the list:Β 

1. Interior design

To do: browsing on the internet for the favorable design, visit few interior design officers to ask, compare the price.

2. Furniture

TV set, wardrobe, bed, bedside, study table, kitchen set, shoe rack, book case, etc.

3. Curtain

Besides the model, you need to exactly know the size of your window and balcony door before ordering.

4. Electronics

TV, DVD, stereo, dispenser, refrigerator, microwave, etc

5. Miscellaneous

Cover sheet, lamp, hanger, wallpaper, mirror, room freshener, accessories, etc

I used to work on a project of establishing a school. This apartment is kinda similar because it starts with just an empty room. The difference is the apartment is my very own.

Despite the fact that I went to doctor three times in a row the last 6 days for different problems (lung infection, hearing problem and massive allergic), I still managed to arrange everything needed for my apartment alone. So proud of myself!

Hi there! My name is Olivia, I am (almost) 25 single independent woman. I live in my simple yet cozy studio apartment. Oh btw the apartment is on the 21st floor.



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