Vietnam Travel Note (Day One)

First day in Vietnam, I don’t feel like traveling after all. It seems like I never wanted to go to Vietnam as I have rescheduled the trip two times in a row. I supposed to fly on May this year but then I rescheduled to August and later on to October. It is actually my first time traveling alone yet I am not so excited. I even more excited to return back home to see Mom and Dad. I’m going to go to my hometown, Berastagi, after this trip with stopover in Singapore for one day.

I left to Vietnam bringing dozens of medicine as I went to the airport straight away after meeting my doctor. I am feeling alright but I need to swallow 6 different kinds of tablets every day starting from tomorrow.

At the moment, I am staying in a dorm hostel and there are 6 bunk beds inside this room. I am the only female person in here and it is kinda uncomfortable seeing 3 other shirtless guys sleeping just half a meter from me.

First food in Vietnam is Phoo. It is kinda weird to eat the authentic Phoo noodle with so many bean sprouts, basil and lime on it. But it was yumοΎ… really!

I always love traveling and people know me as a little girl who loves traveling. I am not sure why I am not too excited this time. During the flight, all the things which I thought about were what kind of job that will suit me the best? How should I contribute to the development in Indonesia? Why I really want to work in a remote area instead of Jakarta. I think when I start to think everything more serious, I am growing up.

I am not sure if I would love to walk long tomorrow. My feet are still hurt because I accidentally twisted my ankle yesterday. I should have used taxi when wearing wedges, not Trans Jakarta.

After mumbling through my writing, I am kinda sleepy now. I’ll edit this post tomorrow.

Good nite.




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