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When Dreams Come True

-When dreams come true, I should build another dreams to keep me alive-

Today, two of my biggest dreams came true.

I really wanted to go to ANU (Australian National University) since long. When I came to Melbourne for study back in 2009, I have already had it in my mind that I want to return back to Australia one day to study at ANU, the best university in Australia. I rememberΒ  when me and my BF sitting on a bench in the middle of the park. He begged me to come back to Australia soon, I said if I return back it will be for ANU. Today, the dream came true (half way). I just received an email stating that I already received the offer from ANU under the AAS scholarship program. Since, I am taking double master program so I will be there until middle of 2016! πŸ˜‰

The second one is working with UN. I’ve been always dreaming about working with UN since as long as I can remember. So during Ied holiday last August, I challenged myself to apply for internship to several UN bodies. UN ESCAP in Bangkok is my first priority since it is one of biggest UN bodies in Asia Pacific and Bangkok is not that far from home.

Today, I received the email that my internship application has been approved. I am so happy about it!

I wonder if my life could be better than present, I am living my own dreams.
Now you see, dreams are real.



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