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A Respectable Woman

Why would you think a woman need to be accompanied by a rich business man just to be able to travel around the world?
Why would you think that a woman looks sexy only when she wears mini-clothes?

Why would you think that a woman looks pretty only when she applies lustrous make-up?

Why would you think that a woman would want to have a one night stand with you, only because you buy her a dinner and you are pretending to be gentle to her?

Why would you think that a woman would be impressed by listening you bluffing about the world’s politics (in fact in her head she already knew that you barely know anything about it).

You asked me once what do I think about you?

Here what I thought about you.


You are not the one, I met many!

Look, a respectable woman could always stand on her own feet.

If I want to travel around the world, I will pay the cost by my own toil.

If I want to be looked sexy, I would show it by speaking about topics that I totally understand. Smart is a new sexy btw.

If I want to be looked pretty, I don’t need to apply thick cosmetics on me. I have a good self esteem.And I don’t need to follow what the majority society defines as pretty because I am uniquely pretty myself.

You could never impress me by being cocky. If you are that dashing, you don’t need to speak it out loud, people just notice.

If you really don’t have anything to be proud about, being humble is the only demeanor you need to show. That way, I could really admire you.

This might be a good soundtrack for this post
 (Eva Simmons- I Don’t Like You)

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