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This is not really a brand new news.
I got my writing about traveling to Sri Lanka published on Cosmogirl Indonesia January 2013 edition (2 pages full color of my pictures and my stories).
Previously my piece of writing about the same topic was also published in the Indonesian website for backpackers called ransel kecil (

I personally feel so great for being a (temporary) travel contributor.  Although when I went to Ubud Writer and Readers Festival last Oct 2012, I learn that those travel writers (include the Lonely Planet ones) actually earn  less money (unless ur book is booming like Eat, Pray, Love). Yet I just looove both writing and traveling. Thus, being a travel writer (even without getting money from it) is the best job to meet those hobbies.

Here is the picture of my Sri Lanka trip on Cosmogirl Indonesia magazine.

This is the link to read my writing about Sri Lanka in Ransel Kecil website:

Frankly, I am not aspiring to be a travel writer (I am aspiring to be a policymaker =) ), but I just love to contribute my writing stories in the sphere where public could read it. The fact that many people read my travel stories creates such a gleeful feeling for me.



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