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Sky is The Limit

I grew up with people used to look down at my dreams.

I still remember vividly.

When I was a kid I said to my Dad that I want to be a singer. He replied by saying that my voice is not good enough.

When I said I want to be like this and that, my Mom used to say that I should not dream too big.

I don’t blame them. I think it is a side effect of living in a “heaven”. My hometown is a small yet beautiful town, cold, calm, cloudy, and rich of natural resources.

Life happens. I moved from the town. Before I noticed, I was already surrounded by people with the biggest dreams ever, and the most important thing is, whose dreams are turning into reality.

 Being around them and interacting with them a lot makes me realize that dream is of no nonsense verb. It is real!

Our mind has the power to realize all of our dreams.

Our mind somehow is connected with the universe.

So, if you do want something with all of our heart and strive hard to make it happen, nothing could hinder it.

But I would not deny that the road to reach dreams is not always smooth.

I have to admit that reality does bites sometimes.

But it is not the reason for you to stop.

There are two ramifications of every single challenge in life:

  1. Put you down
  2. Bounce you up

It actually depends on you to choose. But please keep in mind that God has given you the tools to survive. So you should not make any reason to blame the condition. If you can’t change the condition around you, just opt the opportunities that the condition has provided.

Don’t ever underestimate someone’s dream. If someone else does look down at yours, ignore it!

Because they are just either:

  1. Simply jealous as they don’t have courage to have the big dream like you do
  2. Don’t have idea where to bring their life.

So don’t worry, keep your dreams big! Because life has no limit.

Sky is the limit.



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