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A Scholarship Hunter Resignation

Hereby I declare that I quit my job as a scholarship hunter.
It has been a rewarding opportunity for me to follow my dreams and to chin myself uo whenever I failed.
Yet it was so much worth it!
I got several scholarship offers from different universities/institutions in various countries,
Here they are:

1. University of Twente Scholarship (Netherlands)

2. Universita Della Calabria Scholarship (Italy)

 3.  Asia Leaders Program (Dual Campus Master Program) – Alteno De Manila and University for Peace (The Philippine and Costa Rica)

4. Australian Development Scholarship (Australia)

5. Nominated for Australian Leadership Award Scholarship  (ALAs)


Behind all the successful stories, there is always the unsuccessful stories. And yes, it happened!
I actually applied for many scholarships.
Some of them are Jardin Scholarship (to continue study in University of Cambridge, UK) and Total Scholarship (to continue study in Science Po, Paris).

After went through several selection process, I finally brought myself to the very final interview of Jardin and Total Scholarship.
It was soooo close in front of my eyes yet I failed!Heartbreak? Of course.

But look? Still I don’t give up.

One big thing that I learnt from this scholarship hunting journey is to never give up! I am actually a persistence person by nature. Once I want something, I will never give up until it is in my hand.. But the good thing is, I myself know exactly what I want and why I want the things which I want. I am a visionary person. I make plans (a very big plan on sketch) and arrange one by one steps to turn it into reality. On the top of that,  I always listen to my heart and follow my dreams.

With this rewarding experience of chasing scholarships, it has re-affirmed me that my dreams are never too far away.  It is there for me, waiting for me, will come to me just on the right time.

Like I always said,


“Dreams leave hopes. It keeps you alive. Keep on dreaming.”




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