Weekend in Pulau Pantara, Thousand Island

On last 29-30th September, I spent my last days in my previous working place by outing in Pulau Pantara. How nice it is. Although it was actually a weekend, but who cares? It is an outing!

Pulau Pantara is the farthest among  the other in Thousland Island area. It is a very small tiny island with only one exclusive resort on it. To reach Pantara, it takes around 1.5 hours using fast boat from Marina Port in Ancol. Those who live in Pantara are mostly the resort’s workers. There is actually no local living there, which makes the beach less trash polluted compare with other islands. It costs about Rp.2.000.000,-/nett to stay there on weekend (include transportation, accommodation, foods, snorkeling equipment, etc)

From my experience, the beach is so clear that you can watch the corals even from the foreshore. We had a great fun while in there with games, snorkeling, barbecue, but not to mention some hours of workshop on coastal management  topic. Too bad I was still under recovery condition from diarrhea at that time which made me unable to enjoy all the activities.

Here are snapshots… (I didn’t bring my SLR so the photos were taken from my i-pod with not so good resolution. Sorry guys)

This meeting room is also functioned as a disco room at night. Very creative!

Seriously I felt like coming back hometown as they played Batak song as the welcoming song

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