Personal Growth

Career Shifting

Job is about learn and share.

It is about living your vision in life.

If you have a mindset that you are doing your job only to get salary in order to feet yourself and to practice your consumerism way of life, you’ll never find your job amusing.

In contrary, if you do your job with passion, I bet you’ll never really feel bored of it.

So, when you feel that you don’t fit with your job, just leave it!

Seriously, leave it! Please don’t wait too long.

I am sure you deserve much much better, as long as you know exactly what you want to do in your life.

And as long as you know how to enhance your skill to reach your goals.

Any of your working places is never been the end.

It is just a stop-over to reach your career vision.

What important the most is your progress in achieving your mission.

Make a target, put it on a list, do it, strive for it and believe it to be happen.

Make sure that your life is meaningful to as many people you could reach.

Let’s life passionately.


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