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Deja Vu

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  • September 14, 2009

Hi everyone, this is my first assigment in Swinburne which is for Writing Fiction subject. What a very easy assignment. However this is not a good job, but at least I’ve done my best. My BF helped me for all the grammar error.


I met him for the first time on this train station. He was there staring at me. Wearing his khaki leather jacket, he looked awesome. He kept staring at me. I became a little bit nervous. I pretended as if no one was looking at me. I tried to look to another side. Nevertheless, every time I turned my sight to him, I could see that he kept his eyes on me.
The train is coming so I am safe now. I whispered to myself. I waited for some time to make sure that the train has gone from my sight. Huff… I exhale my breath. I feel more relax now. I don’t know why but his gaze is so sharp on my eyes. No body ever did that to me. Wait! I think that was not the first time I met him. Memory is flashing on my mind. I tried to remember when I met him before. Well, is it what people used to call déjà-vu?


Finally, I met that girl again this morning. She walks alone as if she does not care about anyone around her. She looks a bit pale. I am afraid that she could faint anytime. I try to greet her to ask whether she needs help or not.


Today I go to the school after such a long time. The environment is unfriendly. No one wants to neither smile nor accost me. Indeed, I am always a looser.

“Hi…” I hear a man voice speaks very close to my ears. I can smell good fragrance from his body. He has mesmerized me with every part of his body. He is a very good-looking man, even more when you see him closely.

“Are you OK?” he speaks nicely. Now I even can smell his breath. Then I suddenly realize that I am sculpting.

“I am fine.” I reply. But seems like I whispering something unclear. I even not notice that I keep bowing my head while looking at him in the strange way.

“But… you are not looking very well. I think you should go to health unit.” He suggests me whilst gives his hand.

“No… I am fine.” I try to push his hand away. Before I escape from him, I can see his shocking expression.

I step my feet so fast so that he can’t catch me. I should admit that there is a strange feeling on me about him.


I can’t close my eyes tonight. I can’t stop thinking about that girl. I saw her twice two days back. Honestly, I can’t ignore her. She is so beautiful indeed. I admit her deep dark brown eyes, her red lips, and her curly blonde hairs. Oh God… what should I do? Did I do the wrong things when I was asking her this morning? Huff…. it makes me confuse. And… auch… the harder I try to remember, I get headache. I think I should take my medicine now. It’s been one week since I went out from the hospital.


The sky has become dark now but I still stay at school. I don’t know why, but I feel so stick with this place. I don’t want to go anywhere even though I am doing nothing here. Or maybe I am just confused where I should go after school.


Geez… why she is still there? Still in the same bench? And… Oh… I just realize that she is still wearing the same dress, which she was wearing yesterday. In fact, I ever saw her wore that dress in the train station last week. Hold on, I think I have seen those clothes even before last week.
All of sudden, my heart beat so fast. All the past memory is spinning in my head. I try to dare myself to get close to her. I step my feet slowly. My heart is now beating so fast as I can hear it.

“Hello Sarah.” It feels choking before finally I can call her name.

“Hi Josh.” She replies. She turns her head and smile so lovely. Now I can understand why she always looks that pale.


I can remember all the things clearly now. Yes, he was there when the accident happened. He took a seat on that train right beside me. He is a so attractive that it makes me talk to him. Afterwards all I can hear is a big crash and screams.

All of a sudden, all I can see is white shadow. Maybe I should go to heaven, if actually it exists. Or maybe I should not be going anywhere. I am here and will always be here.


It was the last time I saw her. After that day she disappeared without any trace. Where did she go?


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